Ccleaner is a safe and free registry and cache cleaner

If you have problems with Bubble Witch Saga, you are often given the advise to “clear out your cache” or “delete you temporary Internet files”. What the….??? Well, I have made a guide for that earlier, on howto clear each of the most used browsers individually. If you aren’t getting in to BWS and have tried alternative browsers you are probably pissed as it is  already, and don’t feel like doing the same job with all your browsers one by one. Well my friend, you don’t have to. :)

get ccleaner

Click on the green button at your upper right hand to get CCleaner

Download and install CCleaner.  This picture above shows where exactly you should click at the download page to get the right program. Many are fooled by the ads at the page and can download the wrong thingy by accident, so be sure to click at the green button with the text “Download Latest Version”.

The Blogging Witches’ recommended preferences for optimizing BWS with CCleaner.

Open CCleaner. The first time you use it, it opens directly to the right place and you can choose to just hit the “Run Cleaner”-button and let it do it’s magic. The default settings however clears out Download and Internet history from your computer and those aren’t relevant to get a better working game, so I tend to unpick those options, as they contain relevant information to me.  You see at the example above, where I have moved to the right hand tab in the sweepers’ choice menu in CCleaner. That is how I tick the boxes, but the default settings are usually good for most of us.

I recommend that you clear out your cache at least once every week.

To make a deeper clean-up you should clean out your register. That you do by choosing the second box at the left hand side. First scan for registry errors, then just clean out them all. I have done this procedure successfully on hundreds of Windows machines and it have never caused any problems, cleaning the registry with Ccleaner just make the PC faster.

I recommend you run the registry Cleaner once every month.

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