10 000 Coins in 1-click button! 13th January 2014

Share your coins with us at the ALL Coins page, please!

10 000 Bubble Witch Saga 1-Click Coins made by a bunch of great bubblers!

10 000 Bubble Witch Saga 1-Click Coins made by Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group Admins.

You can also make your own coins and share them with others in groups and at “Bubble Witch Saga – ALL Coins” Facebook page.

10000 FREE COINS FOR BWS If you haven’t already, why not JOIN the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group at Facebook? It is still standing as maybe the LAST active OPEN BWS group and accessible for all to read, but you can’t get your opinion heard if you aren’t a member. ;-)

Here are some bonus links that you just might want to collect manually before you use the autoMagic Button. By opening the game X amount of times before you start the button you avoid missing the requests for lives and spell breaks that your friends have sent you lately.

  1. Feed Coins from the community
  2. Feed Coins from the community
  3. Feed Coins from the community
  4. Feed Coins from the community

Button is teh thingie RIGHT BELOW this text! Pick a time that suits you. =)

You need to have Bubble Witch Saga installed at Facebook and be logged into Facebook at a PC or Mac to use this All in one Click Coins button.
Many players can set the time value much lower to collect faster.

Here is a special button made for Internet Explorer 9 Users, both Buttons have the same Coins in it though.

If you wish to keep track or collect manually or with your own tool, you probably give the links some value as standalone links as well. =)

Here are the coins from the Button, if you rather click them as singles (or if you collect with mobile and therefor are using Puffin that we despite our hardest efforts could get to function with the code we was capable of producing.

  1. bwsCoins
  2. bwsCoins
  3. bwsCoins
  4. bwsCoins
  5. bwsCoins
  6. bwsCoins
  7. bwsCoins
  8. bwsCoins
  9. bwsCoins
  10. bwsCoins
  11. bwsCoins
  12. bwsCoins
  13. bwsCoins
  14. bwsCoins
  15. bwsCoins
  16. bwsCoins
  17. bwsCoins
  18. bwsCoins
  19. bwsCoins
  20. bwsCoins
  21. bwsCoins
  22. bwsCoins
  23. bwsCoins
  24. bwsCoins
  25. bwsCoins
  26. bwsCoins
  27. bwsCoins
  28. bwsCoins
  29. bwsCoins
  30. bwsCoins
  31. bwsCoins
  32. bwsCoins
  33. bwsCoins
  34. bwsCoins
  35. bwsCoins
  36. bwsCoins
  37. bwsCoins
  38. bwsCoins
  39. bwsCoins
  40. bwsCoins
  41. bwsCoins
  42. bwsCoins
  43. bwsCoins
  44. bwsCoins
  45. bwsCoins
  46. bwsCoins
  47. bwsCoins
  48. bwsCoins
  49. bwsCoins
  50. bwsCoins
  51. bwsCoins
  52. bwsCoins
  53. bwsCoins
  54. bwsCoins


Also Check the recently re-made guides written by our ALL COINS account aca founders of the all coins page!
Those articles will help you not only with collecting coins from this webpage, but also from ANY OTHER SITE where you can find bulks of freebies for Facebook (and other) games

Fly safe, my dear bubbly witches and wizards! ;-)
xoxoxo Mainewil.

12 thoughts on “10 000 Coins in 1-click button! 13th January 2014

  1. I’m not sure why but this blog is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem
    still exists.

    • I am sorry to hear that, I will look over the amount of code and try to minimize the amount of code being served.

  2. Ok, fairly new to this and having some issues…. I successfully collected coins from a previous post using the “magic button”… But now I cannot seem to add any more coins, whether I use the button or click on an individual link… when BWS loads the coins count is the same. Is there a limit to how many you can collect in a day? Or any idea why it’s not working? Thanks so much!!

    • Been reading that FB is having a lot of issues with posts/requests/etc today. Maybe my issues are just part of that. Unless this is a common problem that others have encountered. I’ll try again later/tomorrow!

  3. Where is this magic button?? I can never seem to get the 20,000 or 10,000 coins that are offered. Partly because I just never see any button to push to get them and everything I do push just redirects me right back to the same page! :( help

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