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Bubble Witch Saga 10 000 Coins

Get 10 000 coins13 of these 500 coiner links are made form 100% private mini games, and the remaining 7 are all from different players. That means that the chance of you clicking a link that you already have used is very small. In addition you can recognize used links by their colour, if you have opened a link before in the browser you use at the moment, it will be green, aka used. If it is “normal” light purple, you haven’t used it.

The next 10 000 bulk coin post will be published here when this post reach 100 “Likes”, so don’t forget to Like it and tell your friends about this post. If you want, you can copy this and post as your status update, your friends will certainly appreciate both these free coins and the links in the End that you can open up to get valuable information on howto make more coins on your own!


Articles on howto gain coins by yourself:

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