Coins for FB players and an update for iOS players

For those of you that are waving for wishes, please check that you are waving in both ends, you can’t get a Lottery ticket, if I can’t find you in both ends. That’s the rule and it is not fair if I give out tickets to people that aren’t doing the whole task. There is still 12 tickets to be given out. You can share the contest to get it filled up faster by clicking HERE.

Bubble Witch Saga iOS update

We were a bit afraid that the next update for iOS devices would take away Wilbur’s shop on mibile as well, but they are still present to be purchased. My  best guess why they still are present, is because the update was submitted to Apple before the FB update to remove Wilbur’s shop was implemented, so I am not going to be surprised if it vanish from mobile devices as well.

Today’s daily Bonus Level from iPad. (9th March 2013)

The news for the iOS update is some new coin packs to buy in Wilbur’s shop and the buggy thing to watch ads to get coins seems to have been removed. The gameplay itself have been improved so that you can see your Charms and the rainbow Bubble when you have entered a level. No more huzzling to tap to get them visible. There are also the option  to buy a bubble of your choice in the middle of the game, but the price is really high, my account had a price for 89 euro cnt for that, in comparison to the 6 FB Credits while playing with my PC I once again have to tell you… Apple is good, but is it THAT good?

Bubble Witch Saga FREE COINS (valid until 15th/16th March 2013)

Here are some FREE coins for Bubble Witch Saga, but as usual they are flash based, so if you really want to collect them with your mobile device, have a look at this article about the flash browser that you can install for free to use FB  for gaming with your Android/iPad/iPhone.

  1. 500 Free Coins
  2. 500 Free Coins
  3. 500 Free Coins
  4. 500 Free Coins
  5. 500 Free Coins
  6. 500 Free Coins
  7. 350 Free Coins
  8. 350 Free Coins
  9. 350 Free Coins

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