COMMENT and WIN an iPhone Cover!

Win an iPhone Cover with the popular Candy Crush Saga theme!

candy crush saga iphone cover

If you play Candy Crush Saga on your phone, I bet you’d love to have one of these iPhone covers! Now you have another chance to get the hold on one for yourself. King gifted me Candy Crush Saga covers earlier this year and  I am now giving away some of those in lotteries.

Rules for contest:

  1. Check out our just-for-fun FB page about Candy Crush Saga that is named Candy Crush Saga is EVIL ;-).
  2. Write a comment just under this text where you tell what Level you are stuck at in Candy Crush Saga. The comment must also be posted to your profile at Facebook, so see to it that you have the little box for that ticked when you post your comment.


The contest ends Monday 2nd September 2013 at 19:00 CET (that would be 7pm in Berlin) and the winner will be announced that very evening.

The Winner will be announced with a new post and updated in this post and contacted by pm at Facebook. If the person do not allow pm inboxed, a new winner will be drawn immediately. You can bookmark this post to find your way back.

A number will be assigned to your entry as a reply by the Facebook profile Mainewil Peetra and I’ll use the Lottery machine at to find a winner. Only one entry per nose you own is allowed, no matter how many accounts you have.

This contest is to be considered as private arranged by the owner of this website (about this website) and is following Finnish law.

The winner is drawn from e-mail addresses, if I can’t get a respond at the email within 10 days, the iPhone cover is to be used in a new lottery immediately.

You can get only one lucky number.

Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site can not be held responsible for entries lost or written at the wrong place.

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