Contests and Lotteries / Autumn 2013

Entry time for Farm Heroes Saga contest is Monday – Thursday.


Contest for Group Members COMING UP Monday! Please SHARE this and JOIN NOW! -->

Win gaming Money for Facebook games!

If you want to keep updated about the changing statuses for contests, bookmark this page or share it to your timeline, so you can check back, this post will get a total between 9 and 15 DIFFERENT contests updated in it in August/September 2013.


Contest RE-DO this Monday-Tuesday in Pet Rescue Saga Help. Click pic to find the group.

Place 1st -2nd Sept. in Pet Rescue Saga Group. 2 * 50 Facebook Credits.

WINNERS: Deborah Lynne Jones and Cândida Mineiro

Place: Papa Pear Saga Group, Win 5 dollar Facebook Credits Gift Card, guessing game. (26th Aug) Winner: Janice Raleigh Lovato

Membership required in groups in order to enter in contests held in groups, but it is okey to join just for these events and leave if you don’t want to stay.

Win iPhone Covers!

Tuesday 20th Aug. AND another different contest at Sunday 26th Aug: Win a Candy Crush Saga iPhone Cover. Place: Right here at Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site. =)

WINNERS: Nancy C Allen-Simmons and Lucille Flynn!



Saturday 17th – Tuesday 20th: Win 220 FB Credits by entering a helpful sentence from this website about Bubble Witch Saga on a given thread in Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group.

Sunday 18th Aug. 2013: Win 50 Facebook Credits by guessing the score for Farm Heroes Saga Level 63 played after the entry time have ended (10am CET). Place: Farm Heroes Saga Help. WINNER:


Friday 16th Aug. 2013: Win 50 facebook Credits by guessing the score for  Level 50 played after the entry time have ended. Place: Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group.
WINNER: Naomi K Webb


  1. WINNER for 220 FB Credits: Felicia Wynn!
  2. Bonus Winner for finding a typo that have existed for more than 1 year awarded with 50 Facebook Credits: Bitley Chilton

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