Daily Bonus Level 24th January 2013

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Level 24th January 2013

Starting Bubbles: 30
Recommended Potions: +7 bubbles, +3 holes
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 60 000, 95 000, 130 000
Special bubbles:
Infected Bubble Infected Bubbles
skull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull Bubbles

Video Courtesy to Patti, thank you Patti!

Bonus Coins for today played at mini games from open wall feed.

  1. 500 Coins

  2. 500 Coins
  3. 350 Coins
  4. 350 Coins
  5. 350 Coins
  6. 200 Coins

The latest bigger coin clumps around the net while this is being written are:

  1. 40 000 coins by All Coins Page Coins right here at the Blogging Witches!
  2. Christine Coins at GU! (16 x 500)
  3. 9 000 coins at Facebook Page ALL Coins by Victoria.

Remember to thank people that posts big bulks! Playing mini games can get boring, but when we see the thx and likes, we know that they are needed! :D

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