Giveaway: 7 Bubble Witch Saga Shopping Bags

Hi there, my dear fellow bubblers!

I have been quite excited for many days now. I got lot of stuff from King.Com last week and I want to share some of them with you people that haven’t yet got any King.Com or Bubble Witch Saga stuff yet.  I will now give away 7 shopping bags. Later on I’ll give away at least one iPhone cover as well, they are just so lovely! I have two of those left.

If you want a Bubble Witch Saga shopping bag, enter your email address and a comment on why I should pick you and don’t forget to share this post. If you have no other good reason, than that you WANT one, that is okey too, as I will do 3 of the gifts as random draws and 4 of you will be hand picked. The hand picked persons are persons that have helped me with this blog, videos or in the group at Facebook or in some other way made Bubble Witch Saga more fun for their fellow players. I will may not state why I pick someone, only the fact that they where hand picked.

Winners so far 10/09/2012, (3 bags still remains, all entries that have not won/got a bag can win in the final upcoming draw or be hand picked. If I get a used number in the final draw, I just draw another one)

  1. Friday unplanned bonus winner: Päivi gets a Bubble Witch Saga bag as a hand picked. (as I have some more bags, I picked a surprise winner)
  2. Sunday random draw: Brenda wins a Bubble Witch Saga bag.
  3. Sunday hand picked winner: Renáta Pojezná gets a Bubble Witch Saga bag as hand picked.
  4. Monday random draw: Tammy Richardson wins a Bubble Witch Saga bag as hand picked.
  5. Monday hand picked winner: Jorge gets a Bubble Witch Saga bag as hand picked.
  6. Wednesday random draw: JANET CRAWFORD wins a Bubble Witch Saga bag.
  7. Wednesday hand picked winner: Sebastian gets a Bubble Witch Saga bag as hand picked.
  8. Wednesday hand picked winner: Helle Bergsbo gets a Bubble Witch Saga bag as hand picked.

The picks will go as this: If you for instance have done many shares from this blog the past months, you can be hand picked, if you like the Baroness Page, you can be hand picked, if you make Youtube videos shared here, you can be hand picked. To be one of the random winners you’ll need to share this post and fill in the comment form. If you already have been contacted to get one, I indeed appreciate if you share this post, but I ain’t gonna send you another one. ;-)

  • One pick and one random draw at Sunday 9th of September 3:00 PM, UTC+2. (That is 15:00 here in Finland)

    If you want a Bubble Witch Saga shopping bag, enter your email address and a comment on why I should pick you and don’t forget to share this post

  • One pick and one random draw at Monday 10th of September 9:00 PM, UTC+2. (That is 21:00 here in Finland)
  • Two picks and one random draw at Wednesday 12th of September.
Final Entry time will end the 12th September 2012, 9:00 PM, UTC+2. (That is 21:00 here in Finland) All entries collected at the certain time will have equal chances to win the random draw, the random draws are made BEFORE the hand picks on each time. So if you entered at Friday, you will be in all the draws.

I will update this post with the winners and when I got all the winners I will make a new announcement post that the winners are picked and contact them by email to get a post address where to ship the Shopping bag. So remember to check back if you won already at Sunday or Monday, there will not be any personal emails before late Wednesday. ;-)

The random winners is drawn from e-posts. I will assign a unique number to all comments in order that they appear to me, (First one gets number 1, second get number 2 etc.) and use this Lottery Machine to get a winner. You can attend with any comment or e-post you like, but you can get only one bag. This contest is not featured or suggested by neither King.Com or Facebook, but it is King.Com that have donated the bags you get.

The Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site can not be held responsible for entries lost because of technical issues.

61 thoughts on “Giveaway: 7 Bubble Witch Saga Shopping Bags

    • meow.. Send me prrr.lezzz a bag! Love to have one come clear to the states! I will take photos and share ! Make all my friends an eve of me… Meow Meow thanks
      [Bubbly Lucky Number 21]

    • Yes I would REALLY>>REALLY REALLY want a Bubble Witch Shopping Bag…..All The Way To Canada on A [Bubbly Lucky Number 24]

  1. Why should I win?
    I like to play BWS…. and I would love any gift of a witch.
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 2]

  2. I play BWS everyday. It’s my favorite game. What would we do without it? I would be so bored if I didn’t have this game to play.
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 3]

  3. I want to win a prize because for the last month I can’t get past level 35. Maybe me sporting a BWS promotional item will find me friends that play and they can help me break the spell to level 36.
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 7]

  4. I would love to get a BWS shopping bag! Love this game and all of your posts and links are sooooo helpful!
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 8]

  5. pls send one in Manila. i would love to have the bws bag. thank you.
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 10]

    • I was so so anxious to enter that I typed in my address wrong and my text art came out all goofy too :-( …it was supposed to be a portrait of the baroness…¸.•°*”°• ○ °★ Cheers!
      [Bubbly Lucky Number 11]

      • I saw the Baroness, your art is stored in the database. The white spaces are wasted on the web, so it didn’t came out right looking for other ones though.

  6. .°☆ ،،.☾
    . `| \­_____/ |
    . ) (
    . =\ /=
    . ) === (
    . / \
    . | |
    . / \
    . \ /
    ._/\_/\ -\ , , /_/\_/\_/\_.
    . | | .
    . | | .
    . \ \ .
    . /,,,,/ .
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 11]

  7. Pick me because I love this game and think your blog is AWESOME!!
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 12]

  8. I was incredibly proud to reach BWS bag, plus a lady with a big heart Peetri Mainewil <3
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 13]

  9. If I’m lucky enough to be picked, will you autograph by bag Mainewil Peetra? U R a BWS star.
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 46]

  10. I love this game, am at 168 and seem stuck, but I will keep on trying – [Bubbly Lucky Number 15]

  11. I love this game so much I have had to restart it 3x’s now due to computer virus and spilled coffee. When I get curling I turn into an evil witch that has no mercy. lol Would love to have the bag for curling. [Bubbly Lucky Number 16]

  12. I loved the game from the start, just ceazy about it., and it went better thanks to Mainewil and all the lovely friends in BWS fan group :)
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 17]

  13. Tahdon kassin ja samalla nähdä lumen :)
    [EDIT by ADMIN 07/09/2012: no lucky number, as a former servant of the Baroness(the cat that couldn’t cope with other Cats living in the same house) Päivi get a shopping bag! 7 seven bags still remains]

  14. i need the bag because i work very hard on bubble witch saga and it is a fun game although frustrating @ times and i love the fan page
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 19]

  15. I play BWS for the last couple of months, love it!!!! BWS bag would be my ideal birthday present. (I have birthday on the 11th)
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 20]

  16. I got hooked on BWS about 3 months ago, and it has gotten so addicting that I have low back pain from bending over to reach my laptop space bar! Also, my new kitty, Tootsie Roll is begging you to chose me, please???? [Bubbly Lucky Number 22]

  17. Its my birthday on Tuesday and thats the only day you are not drawing winners… Could use a smile if nothing else! <3
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 14]

    • I’ll have the Baroness send you a virtual witchy birthday cake on the FB Page at Tuesday! :D

  18. I would love one of these bags, they look great! I will even pay the postage if I get picked:-)
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 25]

  19. I want to see how many fellow bubblers would actually notice me with my new bubble witch saga shopping bag? Would they say hello??
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 26]

  20. I get so excited when I play Bubble Witch and especially when I can get free coins from various sources here on this fan page. I would love to have a bag from you because i do various crafting and could use it to put materials i use in it. HOPE I WIN!!!!!
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 30]

  21. Y’all are special to me. Each one of you who come here daily. Those who give coins, advice and encouragement , you make this a very special place to come to. Many thanks to Mainwell and her awesome team. [Bubbly Lucky Number 31]

  22. I would love to receive a Bubble witch Saga Giveaway. I am totally hook on the game and would love to be able to get close to completing the levels.
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 32]

  23. with this bag I could bring BWS withe me everywhere – really really nice:))
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 33]

  24. J ADORE CE JEU a tel point ke g tt finie donc il serais normal pour ma récompense d’avoir ce super bo sac bisous et bon jeux a tous et toutes <3<3<3
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 35]

  25. I would LOVE one because I use them, I don’t use plastic I’m trying very hard to go green for the environment! thanks for so much fun at the group!!!!
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 37]

  26. really I’d love one!! ’cause i love the witches and the game.!
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 36]

  27. I’d love one to put all my meds in so when I see my Dr. I’ll have a cute bag to hand him when I go in for my monthly appointments instead of a Walmart plastic bag..LOL
    They are so cute ….
    PLEASE !!!!!! :) [Bubbly Lucky Number 39]

  28. I would absolutely LOVE to have one of these bags. I use cloth bags exclusively and this one would certainly draw envious looks! What fun!
    [Bubbly Lucky Number 40]