Doom Bubble

Nasty bitch of bubbles!

I am quite certain that the evil skull even enjoys our lack of hearts after meeting up with him

5 thoughts on “skull-doom-bubble

  1. Well, I have to admit that Doom Skull Bubbles aren’t exactly well documented. :oops: But there is not much to add. You could purchase the Charm of Precision to avoid hitting those nasty bitches though.

    If it helps at all, there are many that played 135 levels without Charms, including me, it is just a matter of time and effort. I’ll let you know when there is a guide for level 42 available.


    • Are the doom bubbles as unpredictable as they seem? It seems you can hit them sometimes and they don’t explode. Then you think you’re safe, and then BOOM! Is there any type of rule or something like, are there times (or places on the bubble itself) where you can hit them without exploding? Very frustrating! :o)

      • There are rules on how close you can sweep a Doom Skull. You can not shoot directly, but if you can get it attached to another bubble directly before it touches the Doom Skull you are all safe. Sweeping beside the Skull is a nanometer precise ting and that you will learn only by playing. Good luck with these little evil obstacles!

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