The Eternal Fight against the isle ghosts continues

Now we got a sixth isle to free from the evil ghosts. Ask 3 of your friends for help breaking the spell to enter the eternal isle #6 and bubble on!

Shoot the black hammer at crystal bubbles to shatter them.

And….! Now we have a new Charm as well to help us with the Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles!!!! It’s name is the Charm of Shattering(unlocked at level 89).

When you activate the Charm of Shattering you get a black bubble with a hammer on, that you can shoot at a cluster of Crystal Bubbles. The crystals in that cluster will then change into ordinary bubbles and you’ll save a lot of bubbles from you cauldron to focus on bursting and dropping all the bubbles into the cauldrons. The Shattering Charm can be used on many levels, including a lot of the Eternal Isle levels, here is an index for the Witch Country usage of the Charm of Shattering.

If you pay a bit attention at north west you’ll fins something quite interesting. We seem to have sea or water levels ahead, as you can see that the ghosts are about to invade the big sea over there. If you hover over the water area, you will see that we are going to get levels up north soon! I can’t wait for them… But I’ll have to wait, so now lets play some new isle levels, WOHOO! Thank you King.Com!

Do you see the ghosts up North?! Wohoo, those means new levels for us over there!

8 thoughts on “The Eternal Fight against the isle ghosts continues

  1. why, when I have how ever many bubbles left in the couldron when I’ve broken the ceiling, only HALF of the bubbles come out??????? Seems unfair to me

  2. How long will the Charm of Magic last? Is it only 3 times or permanent? I could really use it on Level 105! Thanks!

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