Eternal Isles 11 is open for everyone! (EI 12 for FB credits)

Eternla Isles 11-9, STRATEGY PIC

You now can access Eternal Isles 11 with the help of your friends. For those that still have FB coins left after playing all the cool Tournaments, there is an Eterenal Isles 12 available for 12 FB coins.

Cheat Sheet for Eternal Isles 11

Eternal Isles 11 – 1 Recommended potions: All except Yellow Spiders
Eternal Isles 11 – 2

Eternal Isles 11 – 3 Recommended potion: RB Bubble

Eternal Isles 11 – 4 Recommended potion: RB Bubble

Eternal Isles 11 – 5 Neither Potions nor Charms needed for 3 Stars.
Videos 5,6,7,8,9,10 at

Eternal Isles 11 – 6 Recommended potion: Give this level all the potions you have, but not until you have trained a few times for the nasty banking off the wall. You’ll need fairly big cluster drops to reach the ceiling, so being causious and taking just safe shots won’t do the trick.
AIMING SPOTS for 11-6:

Videos Eternal Isles 11-5,-6,-7,-8,-9,-10 at

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