Eternal Isles 13 is free for everybody and EI 14 is on for business!


Big thanks and Hugs to Oskar Lund in the BWS Fan Site Group that alerted us about the new levels!

Woop, woop! Yahooo! Now all of you will soon able to get LOADS of green spiders!

Just look at this pic from Eternal Isles 13-5, no photoshopping involved! :D

All the videos for Eternal Isles 13 are available at Youtube, they will soon be updated here to the Fan Site as well, but right now your best help is to use the Level Design Screen shots where every single bubble you’ll find at Eternal Isles 13 is showed with the help of the Scrolling Charm. That helps you to get an overview of Eternal Isles 13 and for game help use the Youtube EI13 video Playlist to get tips about how to play the levels at Eternal Isles 13.

Level 13-2 have a strategy guide written and Level 13-7 have 2 alternative strategies published here.

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