Eternal Isles 14-8, Good Luck with this one!

Starting Bubbles: 70
Useful Charms: The Charm of Antidote, The Charm of Disarm
Recommended Potions: RB Bubble, 3 holes in the ceiling and + 7 bubbles in the starting cauldron
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 80 000, 110 000, 145 000
Special bubbles:
Bomb Bubble 3 Bomb Bubbles
Ghost Lock on Chain 2 Lock Bubbles(2 chains)
Infected Bubble Infected Bubbles

Take a good look at the special made overview picture before you start your game. The Bombs will not show up until after you have taken put the lowest infection Bubble cluster, so don’t let them surprise you!

FUll overview for Eternal Isles 14-8

Strategy Pic for Level 14-8 in Bubble Witch Saga

14-8-howto-unlock-the-chainTake out all bubbles to the right before unlocking the chain, because you’ll need to free the right side above the chain really fast after opening the first chain. You might encounter a problem with the lower small infection to the right. If it grows to big, too fast, then you need to shoot a bubble to lift all the other bubbles to reach out for unlocking the chain. Like in the picture here at your right side hand.

When you have unlocked the lower chain, shoot like a mad man to the right side, as you want to cut the infection really fast. Otherwise you will not be able to reach out for unlocking the upper chain. As there is also an infection starting to spread as soon as you have unlocked the upper chain, you should take care of as many bubbles as possible before you unlock the upper chain.

In some cases the infection in the ceiling isn’t there, as you might get lucky with the magic potion 3 holes in the ceiling. The chance that this will happen is 17.6%

According to the infection spreading from the ceiling and the Bombs; You need to try to drop at least one of the Bombs and plug the others letting the infection attach itself to the Bomb.

GL with EI 14-8!

Here is a video Walkthrough for Level EI 14-8


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