Eternal Isles 20-5 – this is the ultimate LUCK LEVEL!

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 20 Level 5

Picture made with the Magic Potion +3 holes in the ceiling and Scrolling Wish

Starting Bubbles: Lucky 13 pcs
Recommended Potions: Yellow Spiders,
+ 7 Bubbles in the Cauldron.
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 300 000, 340 000, 400 000
Special bubbles: Black Bubbles, Mystery Bubbles

Be prepared to Play Level EI 20-5 several times, as you not necessary get the right Bubbles from the Mystery Bubbles the first time. Play as long as the Bubbles from the Cauldron last, until you got only 1 bubble left, then hit the Bubbles of the right colour on the side and the ceiling should drop instantly. Sometimes a Bomb counts down faster then your bubbles from the cauldron runs out and you have to drop the side row when the Bomb have came down to 1.

Strategy Tips from Teresa AtkinsonChip away at mystery bubbles keeping your rainbow bubbles to hit the rows of bubbles up each side. You really need as many green spiders as possible to pass this one.

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12 thoughts on “Eternal Isles 20-5 – this is the ultimate LUCK LEVEL!

    • Yeah, I had major problems gettoing the right vids in, I hope they are as they should be no. Thx again for the notification.

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  2. on 20 -5 you dont need 3 holes potion you have only 2 colours and from the lrft is 8 bubbles from the righ it 9 bubbles so it you will hit with you last 2 bubble the whole think will droped or even hit the right side with the lst bubble it will drpoed

  3. I am glad that was useful, but then it is, you need only one bubble to shoot the right side ,but what if you don’ have the last bubble the right colour ? so i did use RB potion ,,i play it few times i though this levels is not possible because i get many bombs, but then i got lucky and got a crown ( only have few on my map i have few very good players so is hard to compete with them )

  4. You know what sorry for the last comment, you don’t need RB, but you have to decide if you will use your last 2 bubbles or the last one to drop the ceiling. You just need to remember that on the right is nine bubble so shooting the right will drop the ceiling. I just went back and the bubbles from the cauldrom are also only 2 colours so is no need fr RB. I like RB now on every levels but on this is not nesessery

  5. I am obsessed with this level as I was with 55 . Admin ,you have to try this , do not give me more point but was cool to watch . I did few times so I think always you can do it. First you shoot on the left ,and after that you only gone have one colour of bubbles come from cauldron , and it happen i get a lot of with more bubbles and green spiders I have 7 green 3 blue i open the webb and only one star but it was so cool

  6. This level has taken the fun out of playing this game for me. No matter how many times I tried, I get many bombs and not enough points for at least one star. There is no skills involved, just frustrations.

  7. I have been playing this bubble witch saga for years now and in the eternal isles level 20-5. I have been playing for over a year. It has driven me crazy I have even spent money and I must say quite a bit on trying to win and it has taken a lot of fun out of playing the game even though there are other areas I can play but not for much longer so as I go on pulling the hair out of my head I’ll try again 😬

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