Eternal Isles 21 Level Previews

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 21 Level overviews

Level EI 21-1, Full Guide
Level EI 21-2, Full Guide
Level EI 21-3, Full guide
Level EI 21-4, Full guide
Level EI 21-5, Full guide
Level EI 21-6, Full Guide
Level EI 21-7, Full Guide
Level EI 21-8, Full Guide
Level EI 21-9, Youtube
Level EI 21-10, Youtube

3 thoughts on “Eternal Isles 21 Level Previews

  1. just made it to eternal isles 21 and it says I need to purchase a golden ticket or wait until the next eternal isles unlock..Never seen this before..does it mean I have to wait until there is an eternal isle 22?

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