Eternal Isles 24-9

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 24 Level 9

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Patti Frazier-Laundree
Starting Bubbles: 55
Recommended Potions: Rainbow bubbles, 3 holesin ceiling, 7 extra bubbles optional
Useful Charms: Charm of Precision, Antidote recommended
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars:  100 000, 125 000, 150 000
Special bubbles: Doom- red, Mystery- white, Infection- yellow. 1 chain and one lock- green, 1 bomb- blue

Pic EI 24-9a:  One chain with two locks are seen near bottom.  Doom bubbles and mystery bubbles are seen above chain.  Above your field of vision (white line) you see a bomb in center and two infection bubbles sitting on top of a pillar of bubbles.  Break locks and chain.

Pic EI 24-9b:  Chain gone.  Go up sides and middles dooms to drop and stop infection, use mystery bubbles as desired.  Be careful not to ignite bomb which is not yet seen.  Do not let infection touch dooms or ceiling will not lower.

Pic EI 24-9c:  Infection and bomb now seen.  Bomb and both sides of infection need dropped before ceiling is seen.

Pic EI 24-9d: 
All obstacles dropped.  Clear and drop ceiling.

3 stars.


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