Eternal Isles 35 can now be accessed with the Help of 3 Friends!

NEW Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles Levels!

36-5Eternal Isles 36 have just been launched and for those that rely on friends to get into the Ilses you can now ask your friends for help to scare away the ghosts and get into Level 35.

We have prepared all the strategy guides for Eternal Isles 35 for you, all of them including both Charm and Non Charm videos!

All Charm videos for EI are made by Jean-Pierre Verbesselt  and he are uploading new videos for EI36 RIGHT NOW!, so I suggest you keep an eye open for his vids today, if you are playing Eternal Isles 36 already!

I am also uploading vids to the Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga for Eternal Isles 36, but not as fast as JP, since I play without the charms. Here are the first two non charm vidsw for Ei36. :)

Eternal Isles 35 strategy Guides by Teresa Atkinson, vids by Jean-Pierre Verbesselt and Mainewil Peetra:

We had an odd phenomena appearing in the game for a while, the latest Shadow realm Levels (326 – 335) was missing for a while, but King fixed this very very fast. :)

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