Eternal Isles 41, money required, brain activity optional

  1. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  2. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  3. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  4. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  5. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  6. 200 coins valid until 23rd July.
  7. 350 coins valid until 23rd July

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 40 open with the help of  3 friends

Today I have had a day filled with fun casual bubble popping. Only Eternal Isles 41-4 gave me a bit of pondering, but not how I would pass, only how I would get 3 Stars on it. The rest of the new Pay-to-Play Levels at Eternal Isles 41 is clearly made for brains in vacation mode. The new Levels are definitely not to hard to pass, I have uploaded 9/10 video clips for 3 stars games without using any charms/wishes.


I liked the new Levels so much that I actually paid to play with two different accounts this time. This have NEVER happened before. I am generally not that much into the EI levels, but today I felt like I needed the ego boost that 3 stars on all levels with the first try always gives you. (I knew that would happen with the charm account, because the non charm vids was so easy to make.)

But… Fortunately one is allowed to enter the 41st Eternal Isle without passing Level 40-10 (click here for ei40-10 guide by the Big Spider JP) since I haven’t yet managed to pass 40-10 with the account I use to play non charm vids with.

Eternal Isles 40-6 and 40-8 are also quite hard levels if you are playing without charms, so I decided to get the guides published for them too.


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