Eternal Isles 1 – Level 6 is challenging, but ALL playable!

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 1, Level 6

Bubbles in the beginning: 30 Magic Potions that I used: The 3 holes in the ceiling, the 7 extra bubbles and the Rainbow Bubble Rainbow Bubbles
Charm noticed to be good: The Charm of Webbing (I haven’t got it, but many have thanked that while scoring good at EI1-6)
Obstacles: Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles  Bomb Bubble 12 Bomb Bubbles

1 Star = 100 000 points, 2 Stars = 140 000 points,  3 Stars = 180 000 points
Focus on bursting your way to the top on the side where you have fever openings ready made from the 3-hole-in-the-ceiling Potion. If you get lucky enough to have good clusters of at least two same colored bubbles in the ceiling at level EI 1-6 at one side of the Bomb Column, you should naturally focus on bursting your way up on that side! With nine holes to achieve, you can’t really afford to go up on the wrong side, just swinging the level. Here is a two Star video with the charm of Webbing for this tactic.

It is safe to start the countdown for the Bombs, when you have 10 Bubbles left. I usually start them a bit sooner (12-15 left) or by accident ALL too soon. Patching up Bombs that are about to detonate doesn’t give any Stars at this level. So you don’t need to try it for yourself, I have tried it all too many times, LOLs. The amount of score that you need to get that desired one Star is ridiculous. 135 000 Points on just 37 Starting Bubbles (And that is WITH the Magic Potion) doesn’t make sense.Special Tips for those STUCK ON LEVEL 6; Go back and train on level 35 and level 59, they are very similar!!!

Tips & Tricks by Carol-Anne Yard:
◾Save one rainbow ball for final shot
◾Have least 1 green spider when final ceiling bubbles dropped
◾Shoot the opposite to side where the holes are – in this case the left where there was 1 just ceiling hole
◾Potions used: 7 bubbles, 3 extra ceiling & rainbow bubbles.
◾Precision Charm

Elevate level by placing bubbles under bottom row.

Elevate level by placing bubbles under bottom row.

Super Tips from Bastienne:

You can heighten the level in the beginning to score better. If you do so, you will have more chances to get one Star, as you can burst many clusters in a row to get yellow and hopefully also some green spiders to drop the Bombs on in the end.

I was lucky enough to catch a Star quite soonish after entering level 6. Getting a proper video of it was even more astonishing, as I often mess up my screencasts somehow. XD.

Here is Bastienne’s great Tips available as a video. You find the first video at Youtube.  I am now proud to present the heighten strategy captured on video! Wohoo!

3 star charmed video by Christine Duczek

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51 thoughts on “Eternal Isles 1 – Level 6 is challenging, but ALL playable!

  1. Thank you for the tip for EI lv6 had been stuck on this for over a week- very happy to have got past it- keep up the good tips

  2. Thank you for all your helpful tips.
    I stopped playing eternal isle level 6 due to its difficulty and played the lower levels for more stars. After a few days, eternal isle levels disappeared!! they no longer appear on the game. I’m very frustrated.

  3. i am so stuck on level six and i am about to give up on this game. I have tried everything. I used up all my points on this one stage and i have been trying for about three months. i beat every level but this one is ridiculously difficult.


    • I suggest you just play the other isles first and the come back to level 6. It is absolutely one of the hardest levels in the whole game, that I have to admit.

        • me so annoying..ive watched the videos and followed all the tips to no avail..just stuck on level 6..arghhhhhhh

        • That is odd, but that really happens to a lot of people, asking or telling a problem online solves it even if noone have even read it yet! BIG CONGRATS to you Delia! =)

  4. I cant get through this level but almost every time the balls drop from ceiling at the end but I cant get enough points to get a star. Frustrating!

  5. I have been working on this since it came out-your video may help but don’t you agree that sometimes it isn’t winnable?

    I have been trying to do like your show here-I set it up so I had several matches and then all of a sudden all it was giving me from the cauldron were gold balls. There was no place to play the gold ones. some times you get the same colored ball 6 or 8 times in a row.

  6. Yea!!!!!! I finally got it!!!!!!!!!! I spent well over 70,000 coins-probably even way more that that-I lost count-but I finally got it.

  7. Well, I have now finally given up and removed BWS from my FB account. I’ve been stuck on EI 1 level 6 for over a month, and I just refuse to spend money buying charms to get through it. We shouldn’t have to. I’ve completed every single other level on BWS and the score level required for 1 star is just ridiculous and unattainable without extra charms/potions. Bye bye BWS

  8. I’ve spent over 30K coins on this level and most I have scored is 88K. I don’t have any of the spells you pay real money for and don’t think I will ever see the end.

    I guess I just wait for them to unlock EI 8 or level 166.

  9. I have been playing 2-3 times daily for the past week. Have passed everything except this level. Scored a high 127.005 and on the last ball I shot on that game the stupid green spider turned back to gold so was not given the extra few points I needed to win. Refuse to spend anymore money and buy the rainbow ball. Will try for another week maybe and then through with this game. I totally agree with Bob and Sandi that the score level required for 1 star is just ridiculous and unattainable without extra charms/potions.

  10. Is there a bug on this level? My friend got 1 star for 85,000 yet the level tells me I need 135,000 for one star! I am finding this impossible to do :(

  11. Thanks for this, before this site I assumed this was impossible to beat, so I ignored it. I found this, and after 100,000 coins, I finally beat it today. Never been so proud of one star ;)
    Good luck to all who are working on this still!

  12. I have finished all 165 levels, but cannot defeat this one. I have charms, coins, xtra lives, but I cannot get through this. How do you get green spiders and how long do they stay on the screen

  13. Been on EI-6 for about a month. Also played several times a day. Never pay for anything. This morning I finally got it! Straight play. No help with a score of 136,000. Most of this game is plain old perseverance!

  14. I too have finished all levels and Eternal Isles, but I cann’t finish E1-6. I have all of the needed charms and money but I just can’t figure out how to get more points.

  15. I am also stuck on EI 1-6.. I too, have finished all the EI and all the other levels. I am not a quitter, and will keep trying and studying your strategy. Thanks for your assistance.

  16. I think that who ever came up with this level is nothing but a sadist. It took all of the fun of accomplishment out of the game. I finished all levels and now have spent more then 100,000 coins on EI-6. Today I finally made it but it has caused so much frustration that I urge everyone to skip it and go to the other levels. When someone can finish all levels except one, there is something wrong.

  17. I’ve been trying to get level 6 since it came out, playing anywhere from 25 games a day and up. I’ve tried everything but cannot beat this.

  18. “eternal isle 1 level 6 – A lot of the bubbles just vanish when you hit them instead of falling. It is not possible to go through it without extra charm that not all of us are willing to buy ! THIS level is just stupidly done by the developers.!”

  19. I’ve been playing this level since it came out (so almost half a year). I’ve passed all other levels except for this one and I’m absolutely unable to… very, very frustrating. I spent about 100K on it as well. It’s no fun at all. I wish it would just give me the option to buy it already but it refuses… *sigh* *end of rant*

    • You speak for a large group of users. I suspect level EI1-6 is the main reason why you can move on to other isles even if you haven’t beat the earlier ones yet….

      • It probably is! At least I know I’m not alone, I’d feel very stupid otherwise. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll eventually ask me to buy it. That’s a dollar that’s well worth it lol

  20. Well after MANY and I mean MANY tries I ‘ve finally beaten it!!!! It is one of the most difficult levels. Not so much about dropping the bubbles but to get the required points!!

  21. mm I left level 166 to have a less complicated game mmm not sure that was a good idea, how do you get the damn star I keep clearing the level with out a star I try and leave as many spiders as I can but its not that easy…. mmm maybe back to 166 ha ha ha

  22. Over 6 months of playing… finally get a score of 145,000… and suddenly they’ve changed the one star score to just 100,000 *sigh* At least it’s over lol :)

  23. Cannot get EI-6 either. Have tried for months. Can drop the balls but can’t get the points! Waiting for EI-21 to appear and Level 171 on original BWS. This game is so very addicting but I’m about ready to toss it because of EI-6. Any ideas??? Thanks for letting me rant!

  24. I have completed level 35 with over 86000 & gained 1star but the game will not allow me to go any further onto level 36.Can you please advise & tell me why

  25. on that video the guy just got lucky, didn’t lose a single spider….been playing this level 6 for about 2 months and I nearly always get all the balls down but along the way lose spiders coz I get something daft like 5 greens in a row….also a bug is the getting friends to help you break the spell…I have to ask the same friends about ten times…I get notification they’ve broken the spell but when I go to the game it’s gone…..deny this is a fix to get us so frustrated we spend money if you think we are that stupid!!! :-(

  26. I finished the first eternal island. How do I move onto the next? I seem to be stuck on level 70 even though I finished it.

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