Farm Heroes Saga – the BIG Booster GUIDE!

Farm Heroes Saga Boosters – Not only for paying customers! :D

Boosters can be used at any level, but the Extra Damage bought with Magic Beans can only be used at levels where you need to defeat Rancid, the raccoon. On other levels the Magic Beans can be used for the shovel Booster.

Having played all the available 370 levels available I have discovered 5 different boosters that you can use for free. The boosters are free at least once every day, since the Farm Heroes Saga boosters regenerate over time without us doing anything at all. :D

Additionally there are the option to buy extra moves before you enter a level and that costs 6 gold bars. If you want to buy the extra moves when you run out of them, you pay 9 gold bars. There is also one booster (the fifth one against grumpy boosters) that can’t be obtained for free after the 3 freebies you get when it first unlocks.

When you buy a Farm Hero Saga Booster you buy it in sets of 3. Only the Shovel Booster can be obtained with the Magic Beans, others costs gold bars if you don’t have the time to wait for them to recharge in the regeneration chamber.

Growing-New-Levels1The Shovel Booster

The Shovel Booster costs 250 Magic Beans if bought BEFORE you enter a Level or 9 gold bars if you buy it while you play. The Shovel have a regeneration time of 6 hours. Use the shovel to

  • dig up a single element
  • crack an Farm Heroes Saga egg / dragon egg
  • grow a flower
  • shatter ice
  • bash a rabbit in the head so it stops for two turns
  • Move a chicken or a frog.
  • Move a firecracker on.
  • Removes Farm Heroes Saga bombs and Farm Heroes Saga Seeds (Seeds are those that makes grass when you mix with water)
  • Break a Farm Heroes Saga spider web.
  • Help lights Farm Heroes Saga fireflies.
  • Breaks snowballs (note that snowballs in patch will just break and then renew directly)

Since it doesn’t take a move it is a great way to save moves for columns where you can match 3! Unlocked after getting 100% growth at Level 4. Click here to see a Youtube clip of the Shovel Booster in action. The clip also SHOW HOW TO GET the Shovel with the Magic beans in the beginning of the level. You get Magic Beans by clearing levels, so you can go back and play those fast first levels as many times as you want to to get shovels with you into ALL Levels! :D (Golden Booster)

TractorooterThe Tractor Booster

The Tractor Booster costs 12 gold bars and have a regeneration time of 12 hours.

Use the tractor Booster to remove one row of elements. Watch the tractor Booster demo. (Blue Booster)

The Fram Heroes Saga Tractor Booster will not remove ice, flowers, seeds or anything except the original Farm hero Saga cropsies, water and suns.

When you have completed Level 38 with at least two stars, you get 3 Tractor boosters stored in the Farm Club.

BonusRewarderBoosterThe Bonus Rewards Booster

The Bonus Rewards Booster costs 16 gold bars and have a regeneration time of 16 hours.

It puts a +1 on all elements that are required at the Level you are playing. Unlocked at Level 12. OBSERVE! Once you have clicked at the Bonus Reward Booster you can NOT undo it as you can with other Boosters. (Green Booster)

Complete Level 38 with 3 Stars to get a set of 3 +1 Boosters stored in the Farm Club.

Bonus Rewards Booster DEMO, played at Farm Heroes Saga Level 13:

CollectALLThe Colour Collect Booster

The Colour Collect Booster costs 19 gold bars and have a regeneration time of 24 hours.

Unlock the Doggie Booster at Level 22. You get 3 free doggie boosters upon unlocking it.

The Colour Collect Booster removes ALL elements of the same colour. You choose what element you want to remove by clicking on such an element after you have chosen the “doggie-bone” booster with your cursor. (Purple Booster)

When you have completed the Farm Club Level 83 for 3 Stars you get 3 doggie boosters in the Farm Club.

Special tips for Level 71 and Up: If you use the doggie boost on a fruit make sure you use it no a CLEAN fruit as if you use it on a dirty (grumpy) fruit it will take the grumpy ones away and leave the clean.

Colour Collect Booster DEMO, played at Farm Heroes Saga Level 23:

New-BoosterThe Clean-Up Booster

The Clean-Up Booster was added to the game 14th May and this pale green Anonymous Grumpyman Booster turns all visible grumpy cropsies into regular cropsies.

The Clean-Up Booster DOES NOT REGENRATE, after getting your freebies and used them, you’ll need to use Gold bars in order to get more Clean-Up Boosters.

Check this video for Level 86 out to see the Clean-Up Booster in action.

Super Fruit Booster

This powerful booster was introduced into the game 9th July 2013. Use it to clear out all nearby elements.

You need to have finished Level 32 to use the super fruit. The super fruit booster does not regenerate.

The Egg-Crack Booster

egg-cracker-boostThe Egg Crack Booster was introduced into the game n/a. It can be used on both regular and crocodile eggs. If you need to crack the same egg many times before it hatches, you will need more than 1 egg-cracker booster.

Booster DEMO Videos by Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

Amelia’s Airdrop Booster


Amelias Airdrop booster drops 6 cropsies of the same colour as the colour you swotch the Amelia booster with.

You need to buy the Airdrop booster before you enter the level that you are going to play. The Amelia Airdrop booster in Farm heroes Saga can not be saved until next round.

Farm Heroes Saga TURBO Tractor Booster

the TURBO Tractor booster is similar to the ordinary Tractor booster but will appear as an item at your gaming board. The cool thing with the TURBO Tractor booster is that it can be used horizonrtally as the regular tractor, but ALSO up or down! The TURBO tractor booster removes 3 rows or columns of ordinary cropsies, but will not bite on ice and such stuff.

The +5 booster can be bought before you enter a level and is then more affordable than if you buy it as a last resort when you run out of moves.


The +2 booster is a special booster that you get as gifts from friends and add 2 moves to a level. If you have a stock of +2 boosters but fail the first time you enter a level, the +2 booster will not be an option if you hit “Replay”.

Any available +2 booster will however be used even if it doesn’t show up on your start screen for the level.

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  1. passei o nível 250, e agora diz que é pra mim esperar que estão alimentando novos níveis. Mais ta demorando demais, alguém pode me dizer se acabou ou se realmente vem mais níveis? Obg

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  3. Is there more than 310 levels, if not, are you going to have more?
    I finished 310 and there is nothing going on……am I missing something

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  6. I wondering wby i cant except my help to go to the next episode. My friends have been sending me the help but their not coming through. I have been trying for a week now and it want happen. Im about to delete this game. I love the game. But if i cant go on whats the purpose of keeping it. From the comments on youtube im not the only on having this problem. If you wanna keep this game going you really need to fix this problem. If not your gonna loose alot of players

  7. I can’t give any friends lives. When I first downloaded Farm Heroes I clicked on friends’ hearts. They turned to beans. They have remained beans since then. I don’t think it’s refreshing.

  8. My friend started playing farm sega and we keep inviting eachother but nothing ever happens… It went fine for all my other friends, did we do something wrong?

    • Sometimes the requests are cached or not going through, it usually gets sorted out in a few days, but sometimes I have heard about up to five weeks before new friends and their requests shows up properly.

  9. Can you please help? For the past several weeks, my lives do not turn into beans. Even though I have 5 lives…. it still doesn’t process it. I have tried force closing the game and also, I completely uninstalled and reinstalled it. When I did that, it comcompletely wiped out all of the lives I had saved that people sent me. I really enjoy this game…. I am at level 183 and have never really put this much effort into something like this. And also… with many lives saved up, only a few show up on my tablet? I would greatly appreciate a response and hopefully a resolution. Thank you in advance.

  10. Hello.

    My brother keep sending me lives and beans on farm heroes saga, but I do no longer receive them. Before, I got all the lives and beans, and if I had a full set of lives, the lives that was sent to me turned into beans. Now I don’t get anything, and this is really annoying. Is there something you can do to fix this?

    Best regards,

  11. Why is it recently i can recive lifes from people and they cant recive lifes
    I spend more than enough with king if things dont get sorted the game will be deleted and not only by me

  12. i have bought 50 gold bars in order to activate the clean up booster to turn the grumpy cropsies into regular cropsies, but still can’t get it. what should i do?

  13. I’m on level 91. To defeat Rancid the game shows I have to get 295 (two hundred ninety five) points. It seems a bit high-on other sites I see it starting at 100. What is wrong with my game? There is no way possible that I can see to ever get 295 points, even with the magic beans. Help!

    • I found this on another site:
      Regarding the new scoring of 295 from
      on April 23, 2014 at 23:40 said:
      “The raccoon scoring has been changed so that we now need a certain amount og hits instead of %. the same amount of matches are still required.”

      So basically it’s saying 100% equals 295 points.

    • The rancid levels have been changed, so that you get the point instead of a total of 100%, otherwise they are quite the same.

  14. Level 185,can’t get more than 11 onions,a friend said she has a pick circle on the right hand side that says free purple pick that’s how she got past it.I have been playing this level for a least 12 weeks how do I get the free purple pick

  15. Proszę o informacje jak odblokować kolejny poziom!! Przeszłam planszę 665 i dalej się nie da:( Mam zebrane wszystkie zwierzęta w Farmie.

  16. Playing farm heros and had several saved lives and extra moves accumulated, when trying to select “lives” once I was out, I checked the “select all” tab which gave me 5 lives, but deleted all other lives and moves accumulated!!! THATS BS!!! I went from 200″messages” with free lives and moves to NOTHING!!! It’s happened on candy crush and on farm heros!! If it gives the select all tab, it should calculate how many free lives have been given and keep tally of them so they can only be used as checked and NOT ERASED AND LEFT WITH MINIMAL lives!! I’ll gladly delete this game

  17. Why have all of my lives that I have saved up, turned into beans? I do not receive any lives from my friends only beans. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I had at least 44 lives which are now all beans.

    • απο οτι εχω καταλαβει οταν εχεις συμπληρωμενες τις ζωες στο παιχνιδι αυτες τις 5,οτι σου στειλουν γινεται φασολι.

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  21. It is several weeks that friends send me lives and I receive just bean. Can you please help fixing that? I am close to stop playing this game as I did with Farmville. Thank you.

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  24. Why don’t I ever receive lives from my friends? It seems the last month or two I send multiple requests for lives several times a day and I get nothing back…just beans and requests for me to send lives to my friends. It’s VERY frustrating.

  25. The booster that removes grumpy cropsies…i never got three…i only got the one it demonstrated withbooster that removethe

  26. From level 1150 i see a big cloud and in the midle it has a ballon. I managed to reach 1165 level even if i could not see anything else than the balloon. At the end of the rewards i can’t get the last three rewards . what can i do to pass to next levels?

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