Farm Heroes Saga – 3 different types of Levels

Farm Heroes Saga Level Modes by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.


Levels where you need to Collect required resources, the resources are most usually apples, onions, water, sun or carrots, at Level 12 flowers are introduced and at Level 29 we have to combine eggs some later later we not only need to combine eggs, we also need to hatch ducklings from the eggs, collect water drops from buckets and make small dragons from dragon eggs


Farm Club Levels gives you different animals and by collecting full sets of stars on Farm club Levels you get free Boosters to use at the hard levels.


Rancid_levels Rancid the Racoon Levels have an angry raccoon at your upper left hand side that you will need to defeat by matching specified resources.  Read the FULL Farm heroes Saga tips article on Rancid, the Racoon.


You can find help, tricks and tips FOR ALL FARM HEROES SAGA LEVELS indexed in in our BIG FHS SURVIVAL INDEX!

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Our Farm Heroes Saga Facebook Page is called Farm Heroes Saga Fans, the group is a closed group named Farm Heroes Saga Help.

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