Farm Heroes Saga Farm Club Companions

Farm Heroes Saga Farm Club Companions Tips by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.


Have you had this Farm Club Companions pop up?

New companion feature. If you haven’t got it yet. YOU WILL SOON! The feature is rolled out slowly at different time to different players.

Now if you enter the Farm club site you get this option too. Don’t worry, all your farm club rewards are still there on the other tab.

Hover over the card you want to look at, and it will tell you which each option does.

When you go to play your level, you will get your choice of available companions. Whichever you chose, depends on how many beans you want to spend. They all have different jobs.

Look in the bottom corner for this example. You will see your chosen companion with a count on it. Once you have filled up the bar, your companion will help. When they have helped, your bar resets until you fill it again.

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18 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Farm Club Companions

  1. Dears

    I am a fan of farm heroes, i have a problem many of my friends many weeks now they have the companions tab on their game, i still don’t have it can someone help me?

    Thank you in advance

  2. lúc chơi khônng hiện lên bảng Farm culb companions giờ muốn có thì phải làm sao? Lên cấp 253 rồi mà vẫn chưa mở được companions trong farm culb

  3. I’m on level 304 and still haven’t got it. My friend got hers at level 140 and another at level 204. They’re shooting ahead and I am just dragging behind now. =(

  4. I am in the five hundred levels in farm hero saga and have not received the companion yet, my partner has one and I began playing the game well before him, please can you let me know if I will ever receive a companion, thank you, awaiting to hear from you.

  5. Love this game. I’m on level 706. For some reason I Can’t continue. I’m stuck. Any help? I’ll be thankful.
    Your help is needed. Thanks. Pnina kaplinsky

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