Farm Heroes Saga iPad – I just got 110 FREE gold bars!

Farm Heroes Saga for iPhone / iPad and Android has arrived this week.

Since me and my kid bought ourselves an iPad Mini together as a Christmas present I was delighted to get the opportunity to play Farm Heroes Saga on a very own mobile device. Until now I have used the workaround with a flash supporting mobile web browser to play King Games at my Android (Samsung GT-S5830i), that isn’t qualified for King games otherwise. Check out these tips about Farm Heroes Saga played in Puffin/Mobile if you have an urge to play the FULL version of Farm heroes Saga at your iPad / iPhone or Android. .

Free Gold Bars and superfruit boosters!

At the moment I haven’t yet checked if the gold bar amount  have synced fully, but if King now have managed to make a fully synced in-game currency that let’s you choose whether you buy your gold bars in Google PLAY, as in-app purchase on your Apple device or with any payment method offered at Facebook, we just may have came across something AMAZING! :D

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3 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga iPad – I just got 110 FREE gold bars!

  1. There is no info on how to conect to the store how to collect gold bars or free gold bars. I am on level 40 baracade and farm heros. level to use the hammer?

    Need help!

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