Farm Heroes Saga Level 1101 tricks and TIPS from Tracy and Cristina!

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Farm heroes Saga Level 1101On this Farm heroes Saga Rancid level (lvl 1101) we need:
415 Water drops, Carrots, Onions and Strawberries.

A little tip for you: the Farm Heroes Saga grass melts the little patches that make your snowballs re-grow. So make them as close to the snowball obstacle patch as you can, then it will preventany further snowballs  from being made.

The only way you will pass this level, like so many other Rancid levels, is by making the crops fall and fall to gain extra points. On top of that, making crop rows on grass will also add to the point count.
The more moves you have left the more stars you get, which doesn’t matter unless you want to automatically unlock the next roadblock.
Use shovels to drop crops to make rows too, if you use each shovel instead of a move, that will give you basically, an extra 3 moves.

If you are having difficulty to beat this level try to collect other colors exactly beside Defeat Rancid the Raccoon.

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100% Growth – 1 star

150% Growth – 2 Star

250% Growth – 3 star

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