Farm Heroes Saga Level 140

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 140Starting moves: 25
Needing: 70 strawberries, 40 apples, 40 carrots, 40 onions
And oh my! Our good Farm Heroes Saga game is giving us lots of SLIME. If you are seeing lots of grass then I suggest you check your eyes to an eye doctor cause you need it for sure. I tell you, are only eight squares of grass in the middle. And please believe me, I was looking and counted them without and with glasses and got same result each time.
All you have to do with this level 140 is winning it by trying to match crops where there is grass for higher value while watching the slime.
I wish you Good luck!
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2 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 140

  1. I have been playing Farm Heroes on my ipad. I could not beat level 140; I tired for weeks and weeks, but I play this level on home computer and bet it with my second try. Why so much more difficult on ipad? Is there a problem with this level? I did not get the colorful creatures on my ipad or the two extra turns from friends. Am I doing something wrong? Or has it not been perfective for ipad. yet.

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