Farm Heroes Saga Level 153

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 153Needed: 15 moves
Requirements: 1 chick, 90 water, 90 suns, 90 Strawberries
Shovels come in handy here but more to add points at the end rather than any use.
Although we have 2 flowers, we don’t need to remove them, so you can just ignore them.
Don’t break the ice. As you are busy making the water you need, you will find that drops will jump over there and break the ice for you. And after you have broken the ice, they will do the same again to remove the water drops. Moving your top cracked egg down, enabling you to swap it over and make your chick.
You will find this level is a fun one, one of those where crops seem to fall and fall.
Getting three stars is a little more tricky though if that is what you prefer. You will easily pass the level, to get all stars you need to use combinations.
You will likely find that you will have several + 5 moves on here anyway.
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2 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 153

  1. I REALLY like this level!! Those Cropsies just keep falling and falling and making +5’s and +4’s…it seemed to be never-ending at times. :D VERY relaxing once the drops DO crack the ice and then make a match so that the chicks are an easy one-move match. :) I got it done with 9 moves left, and Hero Mode got me to 2 Stars at least. :D I am happy with that. Just relax on this level and enjoy the Cropsie-Falls!! :D

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