Farm Heroes Saga Level 155

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 155Starting moves: 25
Needing: 4 flowers, 40 apples, 40 strawberries, 40 suns
First thing must be done is picking the flowers. The bad thing is matching crops beneath them will creat empty spaces in the middle. As is already known from previous levels, those can’t be refilled before flowers above are picked up. The good thing is from both sides crops are droping and refill the other empty spaces left after match.
Don’t forget you can match crops above the flowers as well. Yes, they are in the slime section but they open them like all crops wthen are mached around the flower.
Watch out for the slime section! Luckily the grass is there again to neutralize it. Is only one strip of grass to help so try match needed crops on it as much as possile. Using shovels and other boosters will help a lot.
You will see, Farm Heroes Saga Level 155, is not an easy level at all.
Good luck!

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