Farm Heroes Saga Level 157

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6 strawberries, 22 carrots, 140 apples and 18 dragons must be collected in 30 moves.

Match your carrots and strawberries when they are valuable because you are not getting much of them. Try 5+ with apples and onions (those will be more to match) for collecting as many apples as possible. Pick up the apples from grass because they are the most valuable from all.

Match the eggs to get the dragons and, when is possible to collect apples or carrots and make eggs match themselves; this way you will save moves.



Farm Heroes Saga Level 157Objectives for level 157:
Collect 4 carrots, 4 strawberries and 10 dragons
Starting moves: 30

Gamer’s United DISCUSSION about Level 157, CLICK THIS!

Farm Heroes Saga Level 157 is a very hard level but not because are grumpy crops because you see grass, and there is no rabbit hiding somewhere. What make it that hard is the lowest number of strawberries and carrots received for matching, and also, the higher number of dragons who need be collected.
If you are lucky enough and manage built up the value of strawberries without being eaten by jumping droplets, then you can use shovels to pick them up and not worry anymore about the frozen ones. BUT, as is already proved, most of players not have such luck. In this case remove the flowers and match crops for breaking the ice little by little. Don’t forget shovels can be used for cracking the ice.

Discussion from our group, it is a closed group named Farm Heroes Saga Help:

Beatrice Brents Henry: Always look for the carrot and strawberry before moving and when they get a few points on them, pluck them out with a shovel.. and you don’t actually need to make raindrops unless necessary..good luck remember a 3 on a carrot is really a

Tresha-candler: I’m only getting 2 strawberries and 1 carrot, it’s not giving me anymore like in the video. The closest I got was 8 strawberry and 4 carrot by building the points up. Without it giving me anymore I can’t see how I can do it.

Beatrice Brents Henry: You will get a board that has more on it…and you will be prepared to do clicking on the soon as you get the three immediately click on the shovels and keep doing it until you hear the click from the board…

Good luck!

Old video 

If you still need more help, plese check this Level 157 video on our group, Farm Heroes Saga Help. (Viewing require membership, it is free to join the group.)

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Gamer’s United DISCUSSION about Level 157, CLICK THIS!

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