Farm Heroes Saga Level 167

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 167Moves: 16
Needed: 2 chicks, 10 apples, 10 carrots, 10 droplets
Slight change of picture here to try and make it easier to understand what to do. Take note of the top picture first, you need to remove the rows (black lines) to allow all 3 eggs to meet up together. Now this is very important. Do not move any of these eggs out of that column. They need to stay there so that once they are cracked, they can fall down to match up with the eggs at the bottom. Do you remember level 160? Well it is the same here.
Once you have done that, you should have something similar to the bottom picture. Its just a case of moving the cracked eggs down.
It won’t always be easy but that is what you need to do.
If you want, as some of the eggs are in ice, you could use your shovel to break the ice, if you can make a match by switching it with a crop above or below (but NOT left or right).
But life isn’t that simple. You also do not seem to get any more apples than what you have there. (level 99 all over again) so you need to increase the value before removing them. And just to make life complicated, you have the same issue with the carrots too.
Save your shovels if you haven’t already used them on ice, build up the value of the carrots and apples then you could use your shovels to remove them singly.

Good luck and move wisely!

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One thought on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 167

  1. After I don’t know how many tries, I finally ended up with one really lucky game. Ok I used 2 shovels and one gather-all to eventually get all the carrots.
    With some luck all those crops you don’t need will create many 5-matches and clear all. The chain reactions can go on and on! Unfortunately some will break some of the lines you’d tried to prepare – hence the use of the boosters. But they will also help create a crazy amount of water bubbles which can lead to mad scores – level completed with some moves remaining. More crazy combos in hero mode, final score: 912,000!

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