Farm Heroes Saga Level 174

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 174In only 14 moves you need pick 4 flowers, 8 strawberries and 50 apples.
The tricky part of level 174 is not the apples’ number as might seem at first look. Apples are matching by themselves mostly after picking flowers. Flowers should be first picked using grumpy crops. Hard part is picking strawberries because these are the only you have . You will not get any more so have to built up their value before removing them. Try get a seed down to the strawberry area and grow grass, it’s the best way for pick all 14 you need. Chances match more than 3 strawberries are very low but be sure those are high valued. If need more, use shovels to pick happy strawberries but only after raising their value by matching other crops around them.

Is not a hard level if you own some shovels but need patience because of strawberries number.

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