Farm Heroes Saga Level 185

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While playing Farm heroes Saga Level 185 you need lot of patience and to take your time to win.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 185 CHEAT as in Level Help, Tips, Strategies and Video DEMO for YOU!

Farm Heroes Saga Level 185

Farm Heroes Saga Level 185, start layout

32 moves
Needed to solve Level 185:
21 apples
21 onions
21 strawberries
Slime, Ice, and two water barrels.

To break the ice at Farm Heroes Saga Level 185, remember, it doesn’t matter if the crop is grumpy or not, it will still count.

Very challenging level indeed! Its difficult to get the water anywhere near the seeds which you could really do with to get rid of some of the slime. If you do get lucky and get the water next to the seed, take advantage of it, having grass will help you! Grass removes the sulky faces and also gives you added value meaning you need less crops to remove. 

Look for the upper line and match all needed crops you have the chance. Match around barrels to break the ice and to make water jump from them. if you have shovels, match the other crops around onions (especial) to get extra points and when that happen pick it with shovel. Onions are very hard to get in this 185 level so, any valuable onion, 3+ points, count a lot.

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  1. Farm hereos level 185 can’t get anymore than 20 purple,have been told there should be a pink circle on the right hand side with free picks but I don’t have it.How do I get it

  2. Level 185 in farm hereos can’t get any more than 10 purle was told there was a pink circle for free pick but I don’t have it.How do I get it

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