Farm Heroes Saga Level 188

Level Help, Tips, Strategies and Video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 188 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 188In 26 moves need pick 35 apples, 35 strawberries and 35 suns.
This level looks horrid! There is not one nice crop on the board which means that you HAVE to get the droplets out and swapped with a seed, to change them back to normal crops.
It’s hard to activate the seeds and get the required crops, so you need to use shovels when you can.
Remember you can use shovels to pat the water bucket, this helps as it will save your moves which you will need to get the required elements.
Match crops on the last full line and crops will fall in your arms. Is not a very easy level and require lot of patience and some luck. Can be won without using boosters and personally, I used shovels only to get 3 stars.

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