Farm Heroes Saga Level 194

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 194Looking in a rush you might say 18 moves are enough for picking 1 chick and 40 strawberries but you will see is not true.
Our lovely chickens from the yard want give us delicious eggs. Don’t eat them!!! In case you forgot we need baby chickens from them.
If you are not careful, you will run out of moves. It’s not always the right thing to work on one part of the level before looking at the other. Instead, try and make sure you combine the matching strawberries around the chickens if you can.
We know this is not always possible though, and although you only need to remove one chick, it’s hard work.
If you want to use your shovels on the chickens, it would be a good idea, but you cannot predict where they will jump to.
If you can match more than one row of strawberries (one horizontal, one vertical) the new feature is you get vines jump out and they add value to the crops. That comes in handy!
I found I got the eggs where I wanted them, matched all my strawberries and then used the shovel to crack each egg and I was done. It made it a lot easier.

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