Farm Heroes Saga Level 195

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 195Moves: 38
Needed: 2 chicks, 55 apples, 55 carrots
We don’t have a rabbit here but those chickens can be a real pain sometimes. If in rabbit case we easily keep it away for a while hitting it with a shovel, I am afraid is not same a chickens. We can’t fight against them but we can force them lay using shovels.. Sometimes we are paying those eggs with valuable crops in the worst moments of the game. When we plan a very good and valuable move we realize a chicken ate one of our crops. I know is not fair and will ruining your nerves but is happening.
You need to increase value on the crops you remove if you have any chance of beating this level.
If you have lots of shovels then might have lots of chances win the game fast, because they can be used cracking closest eggs, then matching them. Also can break the ice for making defrosting process faster.
In case you don’t have beans for buying shovels I suggest you very seriously arming yourself with looot of patience,  starting replay old levels for getting beans or send many requests to your friends.

Good luck!

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