Farm Heroes Saga Level 253

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 253Into 20 moves we need pick and deposit in our inventory, for passing the level, 3 flowers, 50 carrots and 50 onions. For getting more stars we need pick more than these required crops as you already know.
We have ice, water barrels, bombs and grass.
Watch carefully where you can match bombs up to remove them, plan moves ahead of the one you are making.
Use shovels to remove crops if you can match others up with the iced bombs, that way you don’t even need to break the ice.
For example: Look at my picture, if I remove the onion with a shovel, the carrot falls down onto the carrot bombs without having to use a move.
You might find that with all the matches for bombs, it causes others to fall into place near the barrels, without you having to do it yourself.
Remember grass means value, but its not easy to do everything you need to do while matching in that corner.

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