Farm Heroes Saga Level 327

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Level 327 requirements:
14 Moves to use, collect  2 Dragons and 20 Water Drops

This level has changed since 327 was first released. And I don’t mean just tweaked, the old board was removed and we have a brand new level instead.

Click this to find the old level video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 327

Farm heros 327

Fortunately Farm Heroes Saga Level 327 is a lot easier now.

Start by making rows with the crops that are under the ice as they are next to the barrels. You will not get any water until they are defrosted. If you cannot do this quickly, but you could make a row if one of the crops wasn’t iced, you can break the ice with a shovel.
You need to make the water jump out so that it jumps over next to the water that is frozen, so it either makes a row or you can move a crop to make a row and break the ice.
Do not move the eggs at all left or right. They need to stay in the column they are in now, as you make rows of the water, they will move down. You could use shovels to remove any other crops that are in the way too. As soon as the eggs fall down they will make your dragons.

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