Farm Heroes Saga Level 367 – Rancid Racoon

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 367Moves: 22
Its a Rancid level (chorus of groans) this is one of the hardest “Rancid -the Raccoon” levels we have had for some time.
We need to gather Onions, Carrots and Suns to defeat him and wipe that smile from his face.
However, most of the crops are in ice, certainly all the suns are, and this complicates things.
So how can we help ourselves to win this level? We have a firecracker, it can help, and we will get some more fall down too as we move crops. These come in very useful for breaking the ice, more than anything else. Make sure before you start this level, that you have brought your shovels. Other boosters will make this level easier, yes, but they are not needed. You can beat this level and at least one star with just shovels.
Try to build up value on collectable crops by carefully planning matches around them. Every crop you can collect on this level counts towards your score. Its unlikely you will finish this game with plenty to spare, so work your moves out before you take them for maximum effect.
Remember how to set your firecracker off, by making matches against it. Just the same as you do with flowers or water, the difference is, when he explodes, his little sparks act like shovels so it can be very useful.
If you cannot make a match against him, you can hit him with a shovel, and it will move his fuse on a little. 3 hits and he explodes.
You can also use shovels to break the ice to help defeat his evil plan and wipe the smile off his face.
Good luck!

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6 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 367 – Rancid Racoon

  1. I am on level 367 and have used nearly 1000 beans so far, i have now looked on here to find a soloution but when i saw the % was set at 100 in the video i went back and looked at the one on my page and the 5 is set at 195. is this the reason i am stuck and why the big difference ?

    • I have been on level 367 for months now and about to kiss this game good-bye. I had over 31,000 Farm Heroes Saga magic beans (points), used almost all of them up by going for the 90 point and 50 point help plus the double point scores and still am unable to beat the rancid raccoon. They need to make this game possible. I’ve been on it at LEAST 3 months, playing several times a day and am not enjoying it any longer.

  2. I find the video’s to be of no help because the moves are so quick that you are unable to see what they’re going to do and bam…it’s done and over with. Slow those moves down so that you can follow them.

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