Farm Heroes Saga Level 370

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 37035 Moves
1 Spider
4 Flowers
80 Apples.
Now personally, I know I am a rarity, but I like the spider levels. I find them fun.
Mr Incey Wincey is sat nice and cosy in his nest, and he has two spare ones to jump into before he is finally defeated. Also we have iced crops, so between the two obstaceles, we have to fight our way to the flowers.
We need to start with matching the crops to try and either break the web or smash the ice. If you want to make life easier, you can use a shovel to do either of these to help you.
We can see the firecrackers sat snoozing away, make sure you wake them up and make use of them. You don’t have to use them if you would rather avoid them, its entirely up to you.
As a rule the more moves you have, the harder the level is. This isn’t a particularly tricky level, but it is one you might need to replay a few times (or more) before you can fulfill all the requirements.
The quickest way to finish this level is to break the webs and the ice first, once you have a clear space, move your way over to the flowers. Match crops next to more than one flower at a time and you will soon have them opened. You will notice that as soon as you have moved the spider and his webs, the crops will fall more, and have more chances of multiple matches, you may find that you don’t even need to match too many without it doing it for you.

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