Farm Heroes Saga Level 38 – Get more animals for your Farm Club!

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 38 by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

38Match 4 flowers, 2 chicks, 12 strawberries and 12 suns with 30 moves

This is the level where you have to recruit the animals to unlock rewards (frog, flamingo and crocodile) When you win something check you farm club to see what boosters have you unlock so you could use it when needed and of course you can play several times to recruit all three animals….
1 star: frog
2.stars: flamingo
3. stars: crocodile

You only get points for matching the suns and the strawberries, so the 3 Star solution might be a bit tricky to get, one recommendation is that you play the level for 1 or 2 stars and when you have spare boosters recharged, you can come back and get the 3 Stars needed for Crocodile. The booster you gain when getting 3 star is 3 pieces of the +1 Bonus rewarder booster and you can save that one forever in the Farm Club until you hit a really hard level! :)

Video gameplay for Level uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

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