Farm Heroes Saga Level 390

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 390Farm Heroes Saga Level 390Level 390 is a farm club level and we need to get 3 stars to earn all the animals.
Into only 10 moves we need to pick 30 firecrackers, 50 onions, 50 apples and 50 suns.
On most of the newer levels the firecrackers are just a helpful option. This is one of those levels where you have to use them to complete the requirements set. Don’t look at this level and think you will never be able to use 30, as you will and easily.
To start with make as many rows as you can, against the top firecrackers. It won’t matter if you end up without moves and reshuffle, either way, you can win the level.
As soon as you set off some of the firecrackers, some of the sparks will also land on their brothers. When this happens, because the firecrackers purpose is imitating a shovel, it means that the spark landing on it, will also be like using a shovel. It will ignite the fuse a little more. So if you set a few off at one time, the chances of new firecrackers being set off are increased greatly. This as you can imagine, saves you moves. As we only have 10 this time, you don’t have any to spare. But when we have less moves, it means the level isn’t as hard as one with many moves 
Just make sure that you keep an eye on the other crops that you need, but this is more of a fun than a hard level.

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  1. I’m getting so mad because every time I try to play level 390 it won’t let me open it at all as soon as I hit that level it takes me out if the website.. Help me please I love this game but this problem it’s getting on my nerve

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