Farm Heroes Saga Level 461

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 46120 Moves
Cropsies needed:
2 Sheep
95 Strawberries
95 Onions
New episode, new rules and a new beginning. We got used to grow our own grass and now we have to start get used to grow our own hay for the beloved sheep.

Try to move your sheep little upper on board and also to bring the water and hay seeds down. Create hay and struggle to move both sheep on same hay for saving moves.  As you already remember, for picking them you need to make them jump on hay and they are jumping in the place you made last match if that match touch them. Look very careful if you can match 5+ on any kind of crops, will help with adding extra value to strawberries and onions and, in same time will help you pick some that are matching by themselves when they are falling. Try to increase the value of your crops by making matches in their neighbourhood.
For sure Farm Heroes Saga Game in becoming more and more harder with each new episode.

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Level Revised

Old video for level before being changed

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  1. I have been stuck on 461 for so long that I am beginning to lose interest. It seems almost impossible to win and is slowly beginning to take the fun out of playing. Oh well, there are o t h e r games

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