Farm Heroes Saga Level 576

Level Help, Tips, Strategies and Video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 576 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 576Only 15 moves for 3 fireflies, 5 flowers, 25 water and 75 apples. Level 576 is giving an interesting board. We have flowers in a lovely green grass on left side, iced crops blocking the access to water buckets in right side and fireflies on the bottom.
Work first on right side to release the water buckets and create water drops. Also, try to open fireflies and pick them up. Be careful at their wings. As you already know, they are flying only if all 3 have wings open. But if you match around them and have firefly opened already, it will close wings while the others will open. When you have 2 opened use shovel to open the third and make them fly.
Water released from buckets will jump far from them and will help you open flowers. Match as many apples as you can and increase their value by matching crops around them.
Don’t miss any chance to mach +5 and clear your board as often as possible. Falling crops will match themselves saving your moves and will open the flowers for you.

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