Farm Heroes Saga Level 578

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 578Today is a rainy day with only 4 flowers on field, 200 water drops (is a real storm), 30 suns (so is not so warm outside) and 30 strawberries (to eat them while are waiting in house); 16 moves are guaranteeing you a shiny advancing.
Lot of buckets and a small square, far from action, with flowers. Start making water drops if you want to pick them. Without water flowers are not blooming and they die. Level 578 is same as real life is :p.
Match suns and strawberries every time when you get the chance because they will be replaced by water drops as soon as they jump out.
Is not such easy level but, if you want 3 stars on all your levels then, just say “thanks” with what you get first time and move to the next level. You will have plenty of time to replay it again until you get 3 stars instead of complaining you are bored after completing this episode (if is happening to be before new one will be released) :P :D.

Good luck!!!

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