Farm Heroes Saga Level 629

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Target and requirements to pass level 629
Main objective:
To pass this level, you have to gather 1 spider + 85 water droplets + 95 strawberries + 105 suns within a maximum of 20 moves.

Strategy, hints and tips for Level 629
Start by moving the spider to other webs on board
Try making matches next to the spider for easy collection
Take advantage of the cascades that will ensue
Use the shovel booster to make things easier.
Summary and Conclusion
This level can be very tricky and tedious. You need to plan your moves well and also play smart. You can learn more from the video above.
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Kay Rodgers · Tulsa, Oklahoma
you took my last comment off so I will say it again, you can not get past this level unless you would pay to on period and that is sad game playing
Like · Reply · Apr 8, 2015 6:35am

Kay Rodgers · Tulsa, Oklahoma
I meant to pay to go on for 9 18 and so on.
Like · Reply · Apr 8, 2015 6:36am

Kay Rodgers · Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hours of playing and using the shovel I beat the game apology for being negative but when you play a game for 2 days it is nerve wrecking and not fun but you go on because you want to beat it.



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