Farm Heroes Saga Level 630

Farm Heroes Saga Level 630 Help, Tricks, Strategies and Video Cheat Peaks for Farm Heroes Saga Level 630 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and
To pass this level, you have to gather 3 shells + 3 bugs + 66 water droplets + 77 onions within a maximum of 15 moves.

Strategy, hints and tips for Level 630
Start by focusing more on the bottom row of the board
Clear the 3 fireflies and 3 clams at the bottom row
Fill the water buckets to the brim to release the required droplets
Use boosters to make things faster.
Summary and Conclusion for Farm Heroes Saga Level 630
This level is quite easy but tricky. You have to focus well and also play smart to scale through it. You can grab more clues from the video above.
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