Farm Heroes Saga Level 666+ King answer about new levels

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 666Farm Heroes Saga Level 666 have 15 moves to get 11 oysters, 75 onions, 75 apples and 75 suns…a funny shape board and grumpy crops. That means you HAVE to open at least one oyster every move…
Urgh what a level. They have revised it since the release on Android…hopefully they will revise it again. You don’t get moves to waste. So if you make a few moves and do nothing, quit and start again.
You need to make matches on grass and you need to open as many oysters in each move as you can. Luckily when crops fall on the grass, you get added value and the grumpiness will go, and the more matches you make, as you know by now, means more value. That will have to be done here more than any other level you have played. If you don’t get more than one oyster opened at a time and build value, you will not even get the one star you need.
The grumpies are a pain as they stop successful matches.



For those of you with android and can play the unreleased PC levels yet…we need you to email king about level 666. If you have not been able to pass it without the aid of booster please let them know how hard it is, but politely lol. For those of us who haven’t passed it, please email them and tell them its too hard. Remember they WILL change levels if enough ask them, the key is ask nicely. The reply email Tracy had at the end of this post regarding the same, explains why they are available in android too. If you need the email address
or device support:

Thanks for contacting us.
Our Farm Heroes Team is always modifying levels in order to reach the perfect balance between playability and challenge, but of course they’re modified some time after they’re released.
Those of you who are always waiting for new levels, you sometimes play the role of “guinea pigs” so you need to be a bit patient with the new levels. In this case, if we receive some negative feedback about the level, it will surely be modified within a future update. I have now sent your opinion so it’s also taken into account.
Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation.

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  1. Have been stuck on Farm Heroe’s level 666 for weeks. Changing it to only 11 oysters needed hasn’t helped because the game always makes sure I can’t possibly collect all the colors. If I end up using my boosters the game simply will never drop the colors I need. And then all my boosters are wasted.

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