Farm Heroes Saga Level 698

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 698Farm Heroes Saga Level 698 is bringing on your board 2 spiders, 1 sheep, 140 apples and 140 suns to be picked in 16 moves.
Like almost all levels from this episode, this one is easy too.
Clear the spider web from those 2 long lines you have on upper side of your board because that is the highway for your sheep. You have to drive her, without breaking the legal speed limit, and turn to middle columns where the hay is and convince it nicely to jump on hay, from free will and not being forced by anyone otherwise will denounce you to International Court.
Don’t worry about crops, they will match themselves when they are falling. But, be sure though, you are increasing their value every time when you have the chance. matching +5, no matter what kind of crops, will help you a lot.

Have fun with level 698!

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