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farm Heroes Saga Level 707Farm Heroes Saga Level 707 is here to train us for incoming levels.


New version of Farm Heroes Saga Level 707 is giving same amount of moves, 28. Also, need to pick 4 poppy, 200 onions, 200 apples but only 6 flowers. Another change is inside of board from where two bulls disappeared.

Do NOT panic because is not that hard as it seems at first look. Use only one bull to pick the poppies placed in the bottom of board and the second one to pick the the poppies from board sides.

Match bellow lower bull (bull no 1) to make it go down and on side to the other bull (bull no 2) to place it on lateral edge. From there match bellow bull no 2 to make it go down and pick the poppy flower. Then move it on the other side and repeat the operation to pick second side poppy flower.Try to match in front of bull no 1 to make it move on next column. It will hit the flower and will not go further (be sure you will still have the flowers which are guarding the two columns with poppies. From there, bull no 1 must go up so you need to match on column or rows above the bull. After putting it up, you need a match bellow it to bring it down and hit the poppy flower.
While you are playing with your bulls, try to collect all the flowers, but only if you finished with bull no 1.
Collect the most valuable crops and try to not miss any 5+ match. Don’t make the 5+ match if will mess up your bulls brain and will ruin your chances to put them on track again.

Have fun!




In 28 moves need to collect 10 flowers, 200 apples, 200 onion and 4 poppy flowers. Don’t worry because these poppy flowers are easy to collect. You have 4 bulls, one for each poppy flower. With higher ones is easy because you just have to move bellow them and make them go down to hit the target. With the other 2 you need to work a little more though. You need to match above them to make them go up and then bringing them down otherwise they will move only left/right.
You finished with poppy flowers so is time to pick your flowers. You have to admit is not a very low number. After picking poppy flowers, bulls are not so useless in this level. They can be used to hit flowers and opening them. Match crops in such way to open more than one flower.
When you finish with flowers is time to concentrate on crops.  Match them on lower rows to make them fall and match by themselves. match most valuable crops and +5 every time when is possible.

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14 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 707

  1. All the level 707’s I seen are a different layout than mine. I do not have any water barrels and the bulls do not go the way I set them up to go. Can you please explain which way is which to get them to go where I want them. They just seem to go left to right or vice versa, but very rarely up/down. This is a VERY frustrating level and if I can’t look at others before me (different board), how on earth am I supposed to get through it? Come on King, let’s be fair here.

    • I also have a different layout. In order the make the Bulls move up or down the match has to be directly above or below the bull (horizontal matches work best) this one’s a toughy For sure!

    • @Anne l strongly second u on that.707 farm heroes saga is a very frustrating level.all the tutorials i get on you tube appear different frm wat i have on my pc and tube has its own board.seriouslythe bull locationa]s are different frm the are we supposed to do it?and those bulls are so hard to move.they go in their own desired way instead of mine.please KING do something before we lose hope on 707

  2. 707 was very frustrating, I start to quite the game altogether. Some how I got past 707 and now I’m on 711. it is impossible to maneuver the bull in that small space. Even If you luck up and get the bull in position you won’t have a third of the cropies you need. I think it’s time for another game to explore.

    • Yep, I’m frustrated, the help hints are about as clear as mud; the help videos are not same layout as my app; updated or whatever, the app should update to latest version when updating apps, and the videos need to be honest. I don’t feel they are very honest – all in the name of the game to frustrate us so we ‘spend’ real money. I’m thinking beat to give a complete break, if not then other option quit this game after coming so far,; level 707, I do not like you, I do not like you one little bit, no joy, no pleasure, games are meant to be joyful a don pleaureable….

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  4. Looks like it’s time to move onto another game. Level 707 has got me beat. The bull doesn’t move the way I think it’s supposed to. Very frustrated. Was hoping that you could use a shovel to get rid of the “people” but didn’t work.

  5. I agree. Tutorials were of no help. Ready to give up. This is suppose to be enjoyable not so difficult that it ends in frustration which leads ro deleting the game. I am almost there.

  6. I am on level 707 & am very frustrated ! The Bulls move in erratic manners without any regard to what seemed to work before ! I am not on Facebook & don’t ever plan to be there, but really need some help or I will quit on level 707 ! 😩

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