Farm Heroes Saga Level 711

Level Help, Tips, Strategies and Video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 710 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

NOTE! King switched level designs for Level 710 and Level 711 in Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga Level 711

Farm Heroes Saga Level 711 – former 710

Managing FHS Level 711 requires

  1. 1 poppy flower
  2. 2 chickens
  3. 7 flowers
  4. 75 carrots
  5. You need to collect all these in 28 moves.

Level 711 has a small board and you need to be careful what moves you make because the bull is removing everything in it’s path including eggs. Good thing is, when hit the chicken is making it lay an egg.
Match the crops on row above the bull to make it go up. As soon as possible match on column, in right side of bull, to make it move to the edge in right side of board. While you plan these moves, try to pick the flower which is blocking the poppy flower (the one positioned in right side of board). If you have done that, and your bull is in right side too, next step is to match on row above the bull to make it go up on same row as poppy flower is. Then match on column to make it go straight and pick the poppy flower.
What was hard you already done. Not so difficult, but not too easy either, is to pick chickens. Match around flowers to collect them and around chickens to make them lay. Use shovels if you need to crack an egg or to pick a valuable carrot.

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