Farm Heroes Saga Level 712

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 712Moves: 20
Requirements: 1 sheep, 80 apples, 80 carrots, 80 water drops, 4 poppy flowers.

It doesn’t matter what companion you use, if you decide to use a companion, cause they are all giving exactly the same bonuses.

Match right bellow the bull to make it move down and hit the first red hoodie poppy flower. After that, match below again to make it go on all down.

To take out the third poppy move the bull to the right and then after taking out the third match above to move up and spot the next red poppy flower(a head with a hoodie). Once picked that move the bull up and then straight to the column with last red poppy flower. Again match below to bring down the bull and after picking the target make a new match below to hit the edge.

Once you have done it match in front of bull (on row or column) to make it reach the row below last poppy flower. Now, you have to move the bull on that column but up and then down again to hit the target. The bull is not hitting anything (poppy flower, flowers, chickens, buckets or fireflies if is not at least one sqare free between it and target).

Lots of crops will increase value and match by themselves while you are struggling to pick poppy flowers. After you got rid of bull and let it rest in a corner, you can start matching crops on lower lines and columns. Try to match +5, will help you a lot.
Good luck!

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